Feministische Kunst / Internationaal

Feministische Kunst / Internationaal

de Appel, Brouwersgracht 196, Amsterdam

During November-December 1978 and January 1979, De Appel devoted an extensive programme to feminist art. The period 29 November-31 January had performances by Anna Paci, Besty Damon, VALIE EXPORT, Lydia Schouten, Martha Wilson, Renate Bertlmann and Manon. From 9-16 December, videos, films and documentation were shown by Lynda Benglis, Mary Beth Edelson, Suzanne Lacy, Natalia LL, Christa Maiwald, Susan Milano, Susan Mogul, Ulrike Rosenbach, Marja Samsom and Hannah Wilke. An extensive documentary exhibition took place in the same period and included books, magazines, pamphlets, photographs and posters on feminist art since 1965. On 10 December, a panel discussion was held in the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. The panel consisted of VALIE EXPORT, Marlite Halbertsma, Lucy Lippard, Cillie Rentmeister and Ulrike Rosenbach, with Judith Cahen in the chair. De Appel, together with Stichting Vrouwen in de Beeldende Kunst (The Hague), published a catalogue Feministische Kunst / Internationaal. Performances, video, film, documentatie. 29 november 1978 - 31 januari 1979 in conjunction with the programme.

Susan Mogul – Untitled

collection (unintended), 1978

Renate Bertlmann – Defloration in 14 Stationen, 1977

collection (unintended), 1978

Manon – Walk on the wild side! Four B/W Photographs shown in environment β€œSentimental Journey” during Feministische Kunst Internationaal

collection (unintended), 1977

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