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“Gallery Alive” Józef Robakowski

“Gallery Alive”, Józef Robakowski


Still from Żywa galleria, Gallery Alive by Józef Robakowski

De Appel website is presenting the film Gallery Alive on the occasion of the reprint of the Works and Words catalogue. This work by famous Polish artist Józef Robakowski from 1975 sketches a fascinating picture of the local avant-garde in that period. It shows how closely contemporary art was connected with cinematic experiments, in Łodz (Poland) mainly through the famous 'Workshop of the Film Form' (WFF). Gallery Alive consists of short fragments in which Robakowski gave a free hand to several artists. The resulting assembly film gives a dynamic picture of the diverse artistic visions of the most important Polish artists of the 1970s and is an important cinematic document of this "scene". Finally, by renouncing his role as director, Robakowski deconstructs the filmmaker's authority and places the collective in the foreground that engages various creative voices and perspectives within a cinematic whole. The catalogue of Works and Words is republished by Roma Publications and De Appel on the occasion of ( Footnotes # 3 ). On Tuesday evening, October 9, De Appel, in collaboration with EYE Film Museum, presents the book launch of the publication in Amsterdam with an evening of films, talks and a performance that puts the original Art Manifestation in the spotlight. Tickets available through the EYE website. The screening of Józef Robakowski's Gallery Alive celebrates the launch of the reprint of the Works and Words catalogue and will be on display from 2 October to 31 October 2018. See also ( Footnotes #3 Works and Words ) ( Works and Words; Revisiting Film as/and art from 1970's Eastern Central Europe )