Dexter Sinister

Dexter Sinister


Dexter Sinister is the compound name of David Reinfurt and Stuart Bailey. David graduated from the University of North Carolina in 1993, Yale University in 1999, and went on to form O-R-G, a design studio in New York City. Stuart graduated from the University of Reading in 1994, the Werkplaats Typografie in 2000, and co-founded the arts journal Dot Dot Dot the same year. David currently teaches at Princeton University. Stuart currently teaches at The University of Geneva.

In 2006, Dexter Sinister established a workshop in the basement at 38 Ludlow Street, on the Lower East Side in New York City. The workshop intended to model a ‘Just-In-Time’ economy of print production, running counter to the contemporary assembly-line realities of large-scale publishing. This involved avoiding waste by working on-demand, utilizing local cheap machinery, considering alternate distribution strategies, and collapsing distinctions of editing, design, production and distribution into one efficient activity.

In 2011, together with Angie Keefer they set up The Serving Library, a not-for-profit cooperatively-built archive that assembles itself by publishing. The project’s engine is Dot Dot Dot’s successor Bulletins of The Serving Library – a journal that circulates as freely downloadable PDFs as well as a biannual print edition.