publisher unknown

publisher unknown

Talking Back to the Media – persmap + knipsels, archive

Gabriel Lester – Diverse picture clippings from magazines, collection (unintended)

leftover magazine clippings

MASKS – Dr. Wagner vs Rey Mysterio (MEXICO), collection (unintended)

The masks are connected to the live event Native Foreigners presented in de Appel 22th of april 2017, a radio show broadcasted live by three radiostations in Amsterdam, Mexico City and Athens on Ulises CarriΓ³n. Sara Giannini (Unfold) initiated Native Foreigners in the context of the exhibition Ulises CarriΓ³n subject future archive fights; Dear Reader, Don’t Read at Museo Jumex in Mexico. Sara Giannini brought the two masks herself from Mexico. The red/green/silver mask belongs to Dr. Wagner and red/purple/silver mask belongs to Rey Misterio. Also four colored post-its with text hand-written on it - for the - next - archive - fight. Gift from Sara Giannini.

Manon (?) – I’m waiting for my man, collection (unintended)

Paper, pencil, pen and typed ink
One work depicts four figures in blue suits with the words β€˜I’m waiting for my man’ and possibly an illegile signature and the words β€˜Lou Reed’ on it. The other has the sentence β€˜I’m waiting for my man…’ typed repeatedly on it. These works are damaged with age.

12 Films choice by Vito Acconci
Press Photos off the film β€œPhantom of the Paradise” by Brian De Palma, collection (unintended)

Eleven artists and an artists’ collective were invited to select a film that would be shown in 6 Dutch theatres. Inspired by their personal choice, each artist would make a new work that was exhibited in De Appel on December 12. Vito Acconci selected β€˜Phantom of the paradise’, directed by Brian de Palma in 1974. These are 2 film stills from the movie.

Tsukuba International Modelling Symposium, affiche
Tsukuba, Japan

Jana Haimsohn – Performance, photograph

Photograph not in de appel

Laurie Anderson – For Instants Part 5
Cover CD, collection (unintended)

Huang Yong Ping – a project of one man exhibition proposed by Hou Hanru, archive

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