Hana Miletić

Hana Miletić (1982)


Hana Miletić was born in Zagreb (1982), she lives and works in Brussels. Miletić is a keen observer of the social realities that often go unnoticed in public space. She explores the city and its communities marked by transformation. Her approach reveals the parallels between what we pay attention to and our perception of value, while her background in documentary photography serves as a means of orientation to create textile works in her studio, and to facilitate collaborative programs in community workshops. Five years ago, Miletić became active in community weaving workshops in Brussels, reconnecting with a craft from her childhood in Yugoslavia. Textiles have been passed down through generations of women in her family. The artist understands weaving — which requires considerable time and dedication — as a process that allows her to reflect on social and cultural conditions. Moreover she considers this a practice of care and repair, through which she wants to re-evaluate and relink the relationships between working, thinking and feeling.

Hana Miletić – textile book, collection (unintended)