Marinus Boezem

Marinus Boezem (1938)


Marinus Boezem (b. Leerdam, 1938) is one of the major representatives of Conceptual Art and Arte Povera in the Netherlands. From the 1960s to the 1980s, his works involved the use of public space in large dimensions, performances and installations. "Podio per l'Arte del Mondo", opened in 1976, it is one of his public art initiatives that can be seen in Middelburg, where he lives and works. In 1969 Boezem took part in two historical exhibitions: Op losse schroeven (On loose screws) at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and When Attitudes Become Form, held at the Kunsthalle in Bern.

Marinus Boezem – paper events, collection (unintended)

Plastic bag with burned paper, page 15

Father, Can't You See I'm Burning?, affiche

De Appel Curatorial Program Exhibition