Ioana Nemes

Ioana Nemes (1979)


Ioana Nemes (Romenia, 1979, lives in Bucarest, RO)
A recurring element in the work of Ioana Nemes is the categorising and analysing of her daily activities, projects and dreams. Documenting these in the form of short notes on a daily basis has developed into the ongoing project Monthly Evaluations, that consists mainly of works on paper showing color codes, texts and statistics all arranged according to a self-developed system of parameters. The colourful sheets and diagrams comment on her financial situation and on the emotional effects of the urban and social environment. Her work is a constant search for steady values in the slippery domain of art, and for ways of standing her ground in an unstable situation. She seems to use the daily, comforting ritual of self-analysis to repeatedly determine the extent to which she can still access her (social) reality. For What is positive? Why? she has looked into a particular set of days that she has found impossible to archive they are positioned in what she calls β€œthe absolute tension area”: the perfect equilibrium between positive and negative.