Marko Lulic

Marko Lulic (1972)


Marko Lulic (Austria, 1972, lives in Vienna, AT)
Investigating utopian moments of modernism in his videos, installations and sculptures, Marko Lulic explores the connections between ideology, architecture, public space and society. He is interested in the relation between form and ideology and in determining the importance attributed to them. For What is positive? Why? he took out a series of slogans from advertisements from American building supply magazines and company catalogues, all from the year 1942. The selection Lulic made and the sequence he puts the slogans into subtly imply a fluctuating chronology, refering to the fact that most of the materials on offer were alternately used for opposing meansends - some developed for war purposes and later used to build light-weight architecture, others developed for the building industry and later improved for peaceful purposes. The contribution is also a reference to Buckminster-Fuller, who gained an international reputation for his work in lightweight, inexpensively and speedily constructed housing, and who’s units of curved galvanised steel (originally designed as emergency shelters) served as accommodation for the US air force during WW II.