Judi Werthein

Judi Werthein

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Judi Werthein – Brinco – sneakers in box, collection (unintended)

shoebox with pair of sneakers - White cardbox box with imprint “Brinco” and pair of suede sneakers. Right sneaker has a torch and compass
attached to the shoelaces. The left sneaker has a brand tag/title card attached to the shoeslaces.

The act of crossing the border from Mexico into the US is known as ‘brinco’, jump in Spanish. Judi Werthein’s
‘crossing trainers’ prepare illegal migrants for this journey. The shoes include useful items such as a compass and a torch, as most of the migrants cross at night. Inside are painkillers, as many suffer aches and injuries during the journey, pockets for money and the insole features a map of the most popular border crossing points for illegal immigrants between Tijuana and San Diego. Embroidered on the heel is an image of Santo Toribo Romo, the official saint of the Mexican migrants, and on the front of the toe in the direction of their dreams is the American eagle. To comment on the contradictions between fashion, manufacture competition, migration and labour flow, Werthein’s sneakers have been sold as unique art objects at the American side of the border. And at the Mexican side they were freely distributed amongst would-be illegal immigrants. The project caused a great deal of controversy in the United States. In De Appel Judi Werthein also realized a Brinco- shop.