Lise Autogena

Lise Autogena (1964)


Lise Autogena (Denmark, 1964, lives in London, UK)
Lise Autogena’s projects are usually utopian in approach and scale, and build from a poetic or imaginative insight towards a complex actualization. Her latest project Most Blue Skies, aims to predict the exact location and colour of the ‘most blue sky’ in the world. It processes live atmospheric data, to calculate the passage of light through particulate matter in the atmosphere, and calculates the exact colour of the sky for millions of places on earth. But as poetic and imaginative as the project might be, it is simultaneously aimed at questioning the notion of ‘The Most Blue Sky’ both scientifically, sociologically and aesthetically. As Autogena’s contribution to What is positive? Why? indicates, this could turn one’s initial pleasurable aesthetical experience into something more overtly malignant. See also: