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Vinicius Marquet – BUCLE Archivo de…

Vinicius Marquet – BUCLE Archivo de ficciones

Vinicius Marquet – BUCLE Archivo de ficciones
Ulises Carrión, Vinicius Marquet
Vinicius Marquet, 2016
Centro de Cultura Digital, Mexico-city
ulises carrión


“Ulises Carrión is not dead,” declares author Vinicius Marquet, “and maybe he has never been.” Bucle: Archivo de ficciones (translation: Loop: An Archive of Fictions) is inspired by Carrión’s play with the book as a material object with particular inspiration from his famous manifesto "The New Art of Making Books" (1975). Taking the challenge from Carrión, Marquet explores the force and limits of the PDF, a format intended to support a stable reading experience across digital environments. Marquet makes the PDF interactive with internal links, videos and embedded sounds. His PDF “book” is beautifully designed, and uses the PDF medium in a way that pushes against the software’s intended function. What would Carrión make of the PDFs goal of stability and reader passivity? From the first moment of engaging Bucle in the Adobe PDF Reader, one is confronted with choices. The PDF “takes over” your full screen, triggering a pop-up warning from Adobe. “The characters are not what they say they are,” says a voice in English. A hypertext fiction based on real life events that happened to the author during his research about Ulises Carrión's life and legacy, the story adds alternative biographical events based on interviews with friends, ultimately asking: to what extent is an archive an artwork?

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