Preliminary studies towards de nieuwe…

Preliminary studies towards de nieuwe nieuwsmarkt

de Appel, Schipluidenlaan 12, Amsterdam
As part of the exhibition 2 UNLIMITED, join us on June 29 for a performative lecture and open discussion about publishing as a community in the past and the future with  with Werker CollectiveRietlanden Women’s OfficeExperimental Jetset, and others.
From 1967 to 1976, a group of activists from the just liquidated Provo movement formed the Aktiegroep Nieuwmarkt to lead a successful insurrection against the large-scale demolition of the Amsterdam Nieuwmarkt area. Their voice was spread through several media: a self-organised radio station, actions in public space, printed matter such as posters and pamphlets and a self-published magazine called Nieuwsmarkt that contained articles, images and illustrations of their struggle for affordable housing and their right to intervene in the city hall's decisions affecting daily life in the neighborhood. 

The connection of both the provo movement and the Aktiegroep Nieuwmarkt with artistic and political self-publishing can be largely attributed to Rob Stolk, one of its most active members, who would often quote the American journalist a. J. Liebling: "freedom of the press is for those who own one". What can we learn from the activist tradition of our most immediate surroundings and its political and experimental use of graphic design, art and communication? 

Their research will consist of looking into (and possibly reactivating) this historical example of self-organised publishing as a tool to claim 'our citizen's right to the city' (Henri Lefebvre, 1967). They would like to propose a collaboration between different collectives in Amsterdam starting with three generations of engaged graphic design collectives: Experimental Jetset, Werker Collective & Rietlanden Women's Office. 

Since the last 10 years Amsterdam is experiencing a tourist invasion, students or anyone with a lower income are suffering from high rent, social housing is sold to the private sector and the city council's offer of housing and studio space for artists and designers is declining in size and further liberalised. Do the policies of the city council coincide with the ideas of the inhabitants? How can art and self-publishing become a space for criticism and speculative political solutions? 

The event is the first presentation of this project in the form of a performative lecture and will mark the beginning of a longer research project that will expand into the future.


18:30 doors open

19:00 start lecture

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